Fans of ITV The Chase praise Liverpool candidate for her courageous decision.


Alicia, 28, from Formby, took on Shaun Wallace, the dark destroyer who was the hunter tonight.

Chase fans praised a candidate from Liverpool for her courageous decision in tonight’s show.

Alicia went against the expectations of the viewers when she competed against The Dark Destroyer.

If she won money on the show, Alicia said she was planning a trip to Spain and then to Canada, where she wanted to be translated.

Official Alicia said she recently traveled with her father Brian and her best friend to four countries within a week.

Before she went to the board, Alicia chatted with host Bradley Walsh and said that she likes to travel.

Her team urged her to consider the low offer, and even the audience at home were convinced that she would accept the lowest offer.

Alicia managed to raise £2,000 in her Cash Builder, with Bradley telling her that it “didn’t matter”.

Alicia was then faced with the choice of taking a £2,000 minus offer, accepting her £2,000 or a high offer of over £30,000.

Declan Kincaid said, “It’s good she stuck with the £2,000.

So when Alicia decided to take the £2,000, the fans went to the social media and said how much they respected her decision.

Steve Evans said, “Fair play, well done, girl.”

Russell Ferguson said, “Respect.”

Unfortunately, Alicia didn’t make it past Shaun when it came to the final and she left empty-handed.

And Patrick Cahill said, “Go Alicia!”

But as she left, Bradley told her, “Say hi to Formby, what a beautiful place.


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