Fans of Emmerdale believe Joe Tate is Kim’s poisoner.


Fans of Emmerdale believe Joe Tate is Kim’s poisoner.

Fans of Emmerdale believe they’ve figured out who Kim Tate’s poisoner is, and it’s not one of the existing suspects.

Viewers are beginning to believe that Joe Tate will make a surprise return to the hamlet in a revenge twist.

Joe abruptly left the ITV serial three years ago, and now viewers believe he’s returning to bring Kim down.

After he began utilizing money from the business, Kim ordered his death in 2018.

He would have died owing to Kim if it hadn’t been for Graham Foster believing Cain Dingle had murdered him and then letting him escape.

His departure put an end to his romance with Debbie Dingle and forced him to flee the nation without touch with his family.

Many people believe Joe is the one who poisoned Kim because his brother Noah Dingle is still in the hamlet and is intimately related to Home Farm, where Kim lives, according to Mirror Online.

Noah could be assisting him and allowing Joe to easily enter and exit Home Farm.

Kim’s strategy to catch the criminal continues as she pretends to be poisoned while trying to figure out who is to blame.

Will Taylor, his daughter Dawn, and Gabby Thomas are suspected of being involved, while her son Jamie Tate has been ruled out.

Is it possible that Kim is looking in the wrong way, and that Joe has returned undetected?

“I still think it’s Harriet or Joe Tate or Kim Tate’s ex-husband Steve for revenge,” one viewer tweeted.

“#JoeTate has a major motive,” one person said. Kim ordered Graham to kill Joe, who assisted him in escaping, after he was apprehended.”

A third added that perhaps Noah was doing it for Joe instead, saying: “#Emmerdale is Noah taking revenge on Kim for Joe Tate and Graham’s death as Joe was his half brother and Graham was like a father. “Are you just throwing it out there?”

Meanwhile, a fourth person remarked, “So, Joe Tate or Steve Marchant…?”

“Either way, we’re happy.”

“My money’s on,” wrote a fifth supporter. The summary comes to a close.


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