Fans of Coronation Street adored Evelyn’s vicious attack on Tyrone.


Fans of Coronation Street adored Evelyn’s vicious attack on Tyrone.

On tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, Evelyn’s vicious attack on Tyrone was a hit with viewers.

In the most recent episode of the popular ITV soap, the fallout from Tyrone Dobb’s affair with Alina continued.

Tyrone’s new girlfriend, Fizz, sold her narrative to the local newspaper, prompting an enraged Tyrone to threaten that he would reply by recounting the incident from his side.

Fans of Coronation Street point out a major issue in Todd’s scheme.

However, when Fizz learned of Tyrone’s scheme, Evelyn Plummer offered out a reason why the Jennie McAlpine persona shouldn’t be concerned.

“Tyrone is trying to write a story?” she asked. He doesn’t even know how to write his full name.”

On Twitter, fans of Coronation Street reacted with laughter to a line from Tyrone’s future grandmother:

One user commented, “I enjoyed Evelyn’s line.” Tyrone is unable to write a story because he can’t even write his own name.

“Tyrone can’t write his entire name OMG Evelyn,” said another.

“He canâ€TMt even write his name #Corrie,” said a third with a laughing face emoji.

Later in the episode, Tyrone confessed his limitations when he told Fizz that he would no longer be publishing his side of the story.

“Come on, you know I’m not a writer,” he added. Isn’t it true that I’m no Wayne Wordsworth?”

“Wayne?” Fizz asked, pointing out the Alan Halsall character’s blunder. “Are you sure you don’t mean William?”

Tyrone has made up his mind not to write the piece, but he has yet to persuade his new girlfriend that it is the proper decision.


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