Fans of Christine McGuinness bring out a major flaw in her husband Paddy’s duck video.


Fans of Christine McGuinness bring out a major flaw in her husband Paddy’s duck video.

Christine and Paddy McGuinness both tweeted a horrifying video of a duck earlier this week, but their admirers quickly pointed out a flaw in the film.

Mum-of-three Christine posted a video of herself in a black swimsuit feeding a slice of bread to a duck that came to visit her patio while she was filming a swimwear commercial.

Christine, a former member of the Real Housewives of Cheshire, knelt down to get a better look at the duck, but the duck left some droppings behind as she grinned at the camera.

After being caught on TV, an England fan who took a sick day to go to Wembley Stadium was fired.

Christine was taken aback by the duck’s antics and swore at the camera before returning her gaze to the duck.

“SOUND ON, Dirty ducker,” she captioned the Instagram photo.


“Guess who had to clean it up!” Paddy joked as he shared the same video with his followers. During a swimwear ad, @mrscmcguinness gets a warm greeting from the Ducks.”

While several of their followers were quick to comment on the duck pooping event, many more pointed out that Christine shouldn’t have been feeding the duck bread in the first place.

“Stop giving them bread,” Lucywyness urged.

“You need to stop feeding them bread, sorry to put a welfare comment on, purchase some more nutritional food from the pet shop, bread is awful x,” marilyngodby commented.

“You’re not supposed to feed bread to ducks,” derbylass jo stated.

“Bread isn’t good for ducks,” stated cat mccloud1975. They require good nutrition.”

“That didn’t look right, ducks don’t generally poo like that,” walkies72 added, “but don’t give them bread, it’s incredibly harmful for them.”


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