Fans are enthralled as The Cube duo reveal the truth about their connection to their fans.


Fans are enthralled as The Cube duo reveal the truth about their connection to their fans.

The Cube viewers were astounded by two competitors who appeared on the show.

On Saturday, September 18, Ade and KK competed in the iconic ITV show hosted by Phillip Schofield for a chance to win the £250,000 jackpot.

After years of watching from home and ‘shouting at the TV’ advising participants what to do, the duo took on a series of brutally difficult games in the hopes of proving they could beat The Cube.

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With five lives left, the men smashed past their first three obstacles, hitting the £20,000 mark.

Ade and KK’s next game included them being blindfolded and taking two giant steps towards a little space in the Cube’s center.

Ade and KK had to keep their feet inside the lines to win the game. However, after four tries, the men were left with only one life.

Despite calls from their family on the sidelines, the father-son team refused to make the task any easier.

Ade and KK were eventually defeated by The Cube and forfeited their £20,000 prize money.

Even though they didn’t win the jackpot, they left a lasting impression on the audience.

Fans at home mistook the two men for brothers and were stunned when they learned the truth about their relationship.

Ade and KK, who have an uncanny resemblance, are father and son.

“Father and son?” one fan wondered. They appear to be brothers!”

“I honestly believed Ade and KK were brothers!” said another.

Meanwhile, one viewer expressed interest in learning their methods to staying young, saying, “This is the most attractive family I’ve ever seen!” Someone please put their genes in a bottle!”

When the father-son duo was trounced by The Cube, fans were equally upset.

“Oh man, that is gut wrenching,” one individual said.

In the meantime, son KK and father Ade shook their heads in dissatisfaction.

“It was considerably difficult than we anticipated,” KK told broadcaster Philip Schofield. “I had a fantastic time.”


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