Fans are enraged at the new girl’s bracelet on Love Island.


Fans are enraged at the new girl’s bracelet on Love Island.

The males were sent on a lads holiday to Casa Amor after receiving a surprise SMS, leaving the girls to pack their bags for them.

Millie stuffed her Sagittarius necklace into Liam’s suitcase in an attempt to keep him faithful during their ‘final test.’

Liam cozied up to new girl Lillie and even shared a passionate kiss with her, but all was in vain.

Danny Bibby of Love Island apologizes for using the N-word on social media.

One observant fan observed what appeared to be Millie’s chain around Lillie’s wrist, which irritated supporters.

Amber Gill, a previous Love Island winner, was quick to respond, stating it was a “false alarm.”

Liam’s relationship with Millie had become a fan favorite, and many were disappointed with him.

“Millie and Liam were supposed to win, this wasn’t supposed to happen!” exclaimed one.

“Whatever decision I make, I respect Millie,” added another. REALLY LIAM?! You’ve got a unique way of expressing yourself.”

“LIAM IS THE BIGGEST SNAKE!!!” exclaimed one enraged fan. gifting his girlfriend’s necklace to a stranger he’s only met for three days?? MAKES ME SICKKKK SICKKKK SICKKKK SICKKKK SICKKKK

Will Liam and Millie be able to withstand the pressures of Casa Amor?

On tonight’s recoupling, you’ll find out.


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