Expert: Prince Harry’s relationship with the US military is “shaky,” but his support is needed.


Expert: Prince Harry’s relationship with the US military is “shaky,” but his support is needed.

A reputation expert told This website that Prince Harry’s recent engagement with Jill Biden in support of the US military “will not go ignored” and will help him overcome his “bleak” standing among American veterans.

In a lawsuit filed in the United Kingdom last year, the Duke of Sussex’s lawyers claimed that his “reputation is closely linked to and largely reliant upon his relationships with the military.”

After sharing a stage with the first lady in support of the Warrior Games yesterday, there are suggestions Harry may wish to create a similar relationship with America’s armed forces community.

According to Eric Schiffer, head of Reputation Management Consultants, current perceptions of him among US service personnel range from apathy to unawareness.

“I believe his military image is gloomy at best, but this will serve as a reminder that he wants to grow,” he said. “That will strike a chord with certain military personnel.

“I believe most people have been unconcerned by him up to this point. It’s a blend of indifference and ignorance. I don’t believe there is any rivalry.

“However, he might be able to get there. Unfortunately, American veterans are sometimes overlooked for their bravery and contributions, so having someone with a spotlight who can provide attention that is genuine and heartfelt, as well as some history, will not go unnoticed.”

After the event was canceled due to COVID, Prince Harry gave a motivating speech to competitors in the Department of Defense Warrior Games, telling them they had come back stronger from “dark places.”

“You’ve dedicated your time, talents, and passion to boosting up service members from around the world,” the first lady said, praising his historic effort.

According to Ingrid Seward, author of Prince Philip Revealed, “Prince Harry presumably feels he needs to create a relationship with them because he’s living there in America.”

“And the Warrior Games inspired him to create the Invictus Games.”

Invictus is Harry’s version of the event, and he admitted to stealing the concept when he first introduced it in 2014.

However, this was not his first outpouring of sympathy for American soldiers; in November, he distributed food packs with volunteers from Mission Continues in Los Angeles.

He also talked about his stay there. This is a condensed version of the information.


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