Examined: What did Norman Bettison say about Hillsborough?


Mr Bettison, who was Chief Inspector of South Yorkshire Police at the time of the disaster, was asked a number of questions about his role in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The former Chief Constable of Merseyside, Norman Bettison, testified at the Hillsborough investigation in May 2015.

We compare what the former Chief Constable of Merseyside said before and during the investigation

What he said before: In a statement issued on September 13, 2012, following the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel (HIP) report, Mr. Bettison said, “I have never amended any statement or asked for an amendment”.

We look at what the senior police officer said before the investigation, what evidence the jury heard and what Mr Bettison said under oath.

He further suggested adding a verdict to the statement that relates to the surveillance of the fans on the terraces.

What the interrogations heard: The court was shown a fax that Mr. Bettison had sent to police attorney Peter Metcalf after the Taylor investigation. In the fax he referred to the testimony of Robin Herold, a retired Chief Superintendent who had previously policeed Hillsborough. Mr. Bettison wrote: “I have recommended the following changes.

What he told the investigation : Mr. Bettison said that he went to Mr. Herold following an instruction from police headquarters because he wanted to make a further statement after hearing evidence from Sheffield security officer Doug Lock at the Taylor investigation on Wednesday.

The new sentence read: “Where, however, the goals were to be locked again in the fully open position, as in a semi-final match where all the fans on the terrace of Leppings Lane follow the same team, ‘control’ by the police is a superfluous concept”.

said Mr. Bettison: “I visited him at his home, supposedly to pick up the statement, and he said he had prepared a draft.

“What the changes refer to are prompts I gave him when he read the evidence on that part of his statement.

“He provided me with a copy and read his statement in my presence with a request for comment, since I was present at the Taylor investigation and had heard the evidence.

What he had said before: In a statement released on September 14, 2012, Mr. Bettison tried to clarify what he had said in his statement the day before, in which he said that the behavior of the fans was making the work of the police difficult. In the later statement he said: “My job was never to defile the fans”.

Fellow student Mark Ellaby described a conversation in the pub in the weeks following the disaster.

What the investigation heard : The court heard evidence from two men who were doing a part-time business course with Mr. Bettison in 1989 ….


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