Ex-Trump official warns that “mass immigration” poses a security risk since Afghans do not share American values.


Ex-Trump official warns that “mass immigration” poses a security risk since Afghans do not share American values.

According to the Associated Press, an ex-Trump administration official stated that the “mass importation” of Afghan refugees into the United States could constitute a national security concern since they do not share American beliefs.

After serving as Donald Trump’s acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, Ken Cuccinelli, now a senior fellow at the Center for Renewing America, wrote in a position paper that properly vetting refugees is “unachievable as a simple administrative matter” and that they should be resettled closer to home.

“While Afghans will most likely come through existing programs, the wholesale importation of potentially hundreds of thousands of people who do not share American cultural, political, or intellectual commonalities poses major threats to both national security and broader societal cohesion,” he said.

According to the Associated Press, Cuccinelli is one of several former Trump administration officials who have considered the current influx of Afghan migrants into the United States while promoting a stringent immigration agenda similar of Trump administration policies and language. In addition to producing position papers, several have appeared on conservative television networks and met with Republican lawmakers to discuss how to deal with the fleeing Afghans.

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Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump’s most conservative immigration policy and one among those involved in the debate, said, “It’s a collaboration built on mutual conviction.” “I’ve focused my efforts on talking to members of Congress to gain support for opposing the Biden administration’s broader refugee plans.”

Some Republican leaders have criticized the strategy, calling it cruel and incompatible with Christian values that are vital to white evangelicals, who make up a large portion of the party’s base. The plan is based on practices that were widespread throughout Trump’s presidency and alienated many people, such as racist clichés, scare mongering, and false charges.

And the hardliners pay no attention to the human reality developing in Afghanistan, where many who cooperated with Americans during the war, as well as many others, are fleeing for fear of being killed by the new Taliban rule.

The Republicans pressing the issue, on the other hand, are hoping to create a new front in the culture battles that have raged since President Joe Biden’s election. This is a condensed version of the information.


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