Ex-policeman who called himself “Copper762” sent explicit photos to “12-year-old girl”.


Former Cheshire police officer Bryn Majid, 59, worked for the police as a custody investigator when he sent a picture of his penis to the “schoolgirl” while he was at work.

A former police officer sent explicit photos to a “12-year-old girl” on a news platform under the nickname “Copper762”.

He actually talked to another police officer who was working undercover the whole time.

The Crown Court in Liverpool learned today how Majid made an “online friendship” with what he believes is a 12-year-old girl in February this year.

And when his house was searched, colleagues discovered his sick collection of 151 pictures.

But all the while, the pervert from Runcorn was actually talking to another cop who was working undercover.

The court learned that on April 17 he had sent a picture of himself in a “working environment” along with a two-second clip in which he “winked at the camera.

Prosecutor Kyra Badman said they began talking about the Kik-Messenger app, in which Majid used the name “Copper762.

Majid initially had a general conversation with the “girl” before the conversation became more sexually explicit over the months.

Then he asked her to move the chat to Skype, where they continued to send messages, and he said he would like to meet with her, Ms. Badman explained.

In another message on Apil 21, Majid said, “If I can ask you to do something, I can ask you to see how you look without applying pressure, but not if you don’t feel comfortable.

She told the court that he called himself a “big softy” and said if they met, they could “hold hands” and he would “show her how to kiss.

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On Skype video calls he would “wave, blow kisses and try to have a voice chat”.

Ms Badman also explained that he told her how she could perform a sexual act on herself and suggested she try it.

Ms. Badman said, “He sent her a message telling her that she was ‘pretty’ and that he was ‘a little older’ than her, but she would still like to meet him.

She told the court that he had also told the girl: “I am sending you a kik-picture of what I will eventually put in u.

Majid from Old Coach Road, Runcorn, said he would like to see her and asked her to send him pictures to his email address and said he “would like to see her breasts”.

On April 24th, he even told the “girl” that he could not wait until the ban was lifted so that he could meet her.

“He said each meeting was ‘her little secret'”…


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