Every single one of the gorgeous Love Island kids


Every single one of the gorgeous Love Island kids

Several hook-ups and break-ups have occurred in the villa during the course of the six series of the rebooted Love Island.

However, some of the show’s relationships have led to marriage and children, and other former Love Island competitors have had children with people who aren’t in the spotlight.

Following their appearance on the first series of Love Island, Luis and Cally had the first Love Island baby.

The two are no longer together, but they still co-parent Vienna and remain friends.


They went on to win the 2016 season of the dating show before having two children of their own.

They are now married with a three-year-old son, Freddie, and a daughter, Deliliah, who was born in 2019.

Jess and Dom appeared on the 2017 show and married after they finished filming.

They had a baby boy in 2019 and have chosen to keep his name a secret.

They aren’t as well-known as some ex-love islanders, but they frequently share photographs of their families on Instagram.


These two first met in series four and have remained friends ever since.

In October 2020, their daughter Nell was born, and the pair has now become engaged.

Both of them frequently share gorgeous images of baby Nell on Instagram.

Jack, who appeared in season four, shocked the nation when he announced on Instagram that he had become a father in 2019.

With his ex-girlfriend and good friend Casey Ranger, he had a baby girl.

On his social media pages, Jack frequently shares images of his daughter child Blossom.

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