Everton’s questions are answered when the club announces a partnership with Socios, a fan token company.


Everton’s questions are answered when the club announces a partnership with Socios, a fan token company.

Everton is the most recent club to enter the ‘fan token’ market.

On Wednesday, the Toffees announced their partnership with Chiliz, a blockchain provider, in which a $EFC Fan Token was created for supporters to purchase from the Socios.com app, with the goal of providing ‘new experiences for Everton supporters around the world,’ allowing token holders to have a say on club initiatives through online polls in the hopes of forging a stronger connection.

Socios is the largest fan token company in the world, with partnerships with Inter Milan, Arsenal, PSG, Manchester City, Juventus, Leeds United, Aston Villa, and AC Milan, among others. It has also formed relationships with sports leagues around the world, including the NBA and the enormously popular UFC, and has been at the forefront of the wave of companies entering the sports sector in the last 18 months.

The most recent agreement was revealed on Tuesday by La Liga, which will see Socios become the top tier’s global fan engagement partner.

Rafa Benitez could finally be getting the best out of Everton’s troubled midfielder.

Socios bills itself as a fan-engagement tool that allows users to “be more than a fan” and influence club choices.

However, don’t expect to make decisions on team selection or transfer strategy. Users buy fan tokens with a cryptocurrency called Chiliz, which allows them to vote on things like pre-match music at the stadium or, in the case of Barcelona, what message should be on the captain’s armband.

Everton’s commercial director Alan McTavish said in a news release, “We are happy to welcome Socios.com to the Everton Family in an innovative collaboration that will help bring our global audience even closer to the club they love.”

“With Socios.com, we will offer $EFC Fan Tokens, which will allow fans all around the world to participate with the Club in new and interesting ways, such as participating in polls on Club initiatives. Socios.com is a well-known blockchain leader in the sports business, and the launch of $EFC Fan Tokens is an exciting opportunity.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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