Everton’s aggressive growth is highlighted in a six-point plan.


Everton’s aggressive growth is highlighted in a six-point plan.

It was a casual remark prompted by the sight of children wearing Everton shirts playing football in Walton’s streets.

“The people of Liverpool support Everton on the streets.”

David Moyes’ captivating “People’s Club” tagline is now a fundamental pillar of Everton’s quest to turn schoolchildren all around the world into shirt-wearing Evertonians, 19 years later.

The Blues began a planned long-term worldwide strategy last year in an attempt to convert thousands of young football fans into Royal Blue consumers.

The club’s mission statement says, “There are Evertonians everywhere in the world, whether they realize it or not.”

And they’ve already gotten off to a good start.

Everton’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Richard Kenyon, has unveiled a two-year-in-the-making ambitious and comprehensive plan. Kenyon, a lifetime Blue, is a dedicated and inventive marketer with extensive and varied marketing experience, and his title now includes the word “International.”

He intends to develop the Everton brand throughout Australia, the Far East, and the Middle East.

North America, on the other hand, has been identified as the first region suitable for expansion.

The connections between the games are evident. To Secretary of Defense Tim Howard and Landon Donovan, from Preki, Joe-Max Moore, and Brian McBride.

However, as David France’s latest book Toffee Soccer explains, Everton’s ties to the United Kingdom are considerably deeper.

Dr. William Powell, a vice president who was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1834 and served on John Houlding’s board of directors, to Stateside visits in 1956 and 1961.

Kenyon has hired a team of seven people to help expand on those historical ties and more current collaborations, as well as to help spread the People’s Club mantra across the Atlantic.

The roster includes some powerful hitters.

Jurgen Mainka is a former Deputy General Secretary and Senior Vice President of Concacaf.

He’s crucial to Everton’s North American plan, and his objectives recall Moyes’ statements from that memorable press conference in March 2002.

“I saw all the youngsters on the streets playing football, but they were all wearing Everton shirts,” Moyes explained.

“It just resonated with me — the people on the streets,” I explained.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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