Everton supporters should avoid making a new stadium blunder because rage serves no one.


Everton supporters should avoid making a new stadium blunder because rage serves no one.

Everton’s recent film on their stadium work at Bramley-Moore Dock should have elicited a swell of enthusiasm.

Over the course of the following years, a breathtaking CGI time-lapse by Laing O’Rourke showed each stage of how the new state-of-the-art ground will rise up and become an incredible new home for the club.

While some fans were ecstatic to see it and were interested by the contractors’ offer, the negative side of social media comments could not be overlooked.

The most common of these is the age-old allegation that Everton only releases stadium news after a poor performance on the field or to hide some other potentially unpleasant news.

Isn’t it exhausting to actually believe this?

Some fans believe the Blues have a plethora of stadium improvements on the back burner, ready to deliver on a wet day.

That isn’t the case, to say the least.

There’s little doubt that Everton’s stadium project is one of the most significant in the club’s history.

They’re moving out of Goodison Park and constructing a new stadium on the city’s iconic waterfront.

That is momentous, and it is possible that some people are missing it since they have known about the ideas for a long time.

The fact is that the Blues have made significant progress with their new stadium, particularly over the course of 2021, going from a unanimous decision at a planning meeting in February to the first foundations being laid this month.

Updates will be made on a regular basis with a project of this size. Whether the results on the field are positive or negative, there will be updates on the horizon.

Consider what would happen if Everton remained silent simply to avoid being accused of concealing negative news.

Without the engagement of supporters, who have always been a vital part of the club’s history, one of the most significant events in the club’s history would be permitted to slide quietly under the surface.

Everton is truly defined by its followers. They are entitled to be informed of any and all changes that occur at the. “The summary has come to an end.”


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