Evan McMullin wants to bring the ‘Utah Way’ to the ‘Broken Politics’ in Washington.


Evan McMullin wants to bring the ‘Utah Way’ to the ‘Broken Politics’ in Washington.

Evan McMullin wants to be the next U.S. senator from Utah, but he’s up against incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee in the conservative state.

McMullin worked as a CIA operations officer and subsequently as the policy director for House Republicans, but he’s most known for his 2016 independent presidential campaign and harsh criticism of former President Donald Trump.

McMullin takes aim at Washington, D.C. divisiveness in an interview with The Washington Newsday, explaining that his Senate candidacy is firmly founded on safeguarding American democracy.

“Our politics in America are broken,” McMullin added, “and we’re failing to solve fundamental concerns that are accumulating.”

“Whether it’s the high cost of healthcare, bad air quality, or a shortage of water, which we’re seeing here in Utah – certainly the pandemic and increasing national debt, which is now leading to inflation, making it very tough for middle-class and struggling families.”

“So we just have to start tackling these things,” McMullin added, “and we’re not doing it right now because our politics are so flawed.” “In America, the extremes are stronger than they’ve ever been or in a long time. They also split our political parties, making it impossible for them to establish common ground and use it to pursue policy solutions.

“And as a country, we’re deteriorating.” And I believe that as a result of this, not just our country, but also our state of Utah, is slipping behind.” McMullin told The Utah Way that national difficulties were beginning to make life tough in his home state, but that Utah could play a key role in finding national solutions.

“And here in Utah, we have a different kind of leadership,” McMullin added. “We affectionately refer to it as the Utah Way.” And what it is is a leadership style that adheres to principles while yet finding common ground to solve difficulties.” “And I believe it has a lot to do with our collective – state – history.” “Over 150 years ago, my ancestors came to what is now Utah,” he stated.

The history of Utah, according to McMullin, includes the settling of the region by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the same church McMullin belongs to. This is a condensed version of the information.


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