Euromillions Results Live: Winning numbers for Friday, October 30


Your weekend could start perfectly if you win the jackpot tonight

Your Friday could be a Friday you will remember as you draw the main winning numbers in today’s drawing of the £15 million Euro.

If you were the winner, all your wildest dreams would come true. You could quit your job immediately and live in luxury for the rest of your life, and win with your winnings.

You could set off on a world tour as soon as the restrictions are completely lifted and take your loved ones with you on the journey of a lifetime.

You could buy a chic mansion and fill it with a range of designer gadgets and eye-catching furniture.

You could donate generously to charities of your choice and use your free time for anything you want, like a new hobby or a lifelong passion.

There’s also a £500,000 prize draw for Thunderball.

The results of Euromillions and Thunderball will be announced here as soon as they arrive.

The EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday, one ticket costs £2.50 and includes automatic entry into the UK Millionaire Maker draw, which is guaranteed to produce new UK millionaires every week.

The jackpot can go up to 190 million euros (about 167 million pounds).

So here are the key numbers – good luck.

19:09Sophie McCoid
What is the jackpot for tonight?

Tonight’s jackpot is a cool £15 million.

18:41Sophie McCoid
When is the draw tonight?

The draw will take place tonight shortly after 8 pm.


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