Encrochat dealer texted his customers bragging about how much cocaine he was selling.


Encrochat dealer texted his customers bragging about how much cocaine he was selling.

In text exchanges, a BT engineer who doubled as an Encrochat drug dealer boasted about how much cocaine he was selling.

During the lockout, Daniel Wilson, a BT engineer, volunteered to provide medication and food to the elderly and disadvantaged.

However, he was also supplying cocaine, heroin, and cannabis across the UK, according to the Encrochat encrypted messaging program used by criminals.

Wilson, who went by the online handle ‘Normalair,’ would debate the price of cocaine with other dealers during his trial at Liverpool Crown Court, boasting that “my mate from over the ocean will always be cheaper 10/10 Colo.”

Wilson boasted in another message to a dealer, “I’ve been doing three to five a week.” He had dealt between three and five kilograms of cocaine in a week, so his work had been decent.

Wilson replied, “d1, patek ones, LV, Chanel been decent..” when asked what “stamps” of cocaine he had dealt.

The Rolex wasn’t quite as good…

Wilson also mentioned the quality of cocaine in another message, saying, “My guy in Dubai should be getting them weekend/early next week.” Friend, you’re lovely. “10/10.”

Wilson was identified as the user of the handle by authorities after he sent another Encrochat user a photograph of himself in his yard with the message “Cheers brother,” according to prosecutor Charles Lander.

Wilson’s Wirral home was seized on March 16 this year, and police discovered £1,753.49 in cash, a pair of scales, and two packets of cocaine measuring 33.63g and 10.07g each in his bedroom.

Officers also recovered just under one kilogram of cannabis concealed behind the seat of Wilson’s Range Rover, worth up to £14,865.

Philip Astbury, defending, said Wilson had an “impressive work record” but following a bereavement became addicted to gambling which “spiralled out of control”.

Mr Astbury said despite his work record Wilson used loan sharks and fell into debt, which he was then given the opportunity to pay back through drug dealing.

He said there was a “certain amount of bravado and exaggeration” with the amounts of drugs he told others he. Summary ends.


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