Emmerdale Viewers figured out who was behind April’s bullying.


Emmerdale Viewers figured out who was behind April’s bullying.

April from Emmerdale was left in tears tonight as she was ridiculed online following the death of her mother Donna.

A anonymous sender has been sending April memes ridiculing her mother’s death to her phone.

Amy was teased by two girls on the street after memes circulated among her classmates on Monday night’s show.

After a “legendary” move, chaser Mark Labbett shakes the player’s hand.

When Cathy and Heath observed what was going on, they stood up for April, urging the girls to stay away from her.

April skipped school early, saying Marlon she had a stomach pain and was having “woman trouble,” not wanting to tell her father the truth.

She then went to Donna’s grave, where she informed her mother what had happened and became distraught all over again.

Cathy appeared behind her and offered her encouragement, asking her to disregard the trolls and promising to always be there for her.

While April has no idea who her online bully is, numerous followers believe they have figured it out.

On Monday night, Heath appeared shady, keeping his head down as Cathy spoke up for her friend.

Many viewers believe he is behind the anti-bullying effort.

“Heath is acting pretty sheepish,” Holly added, not so happy. I believe he is the perpetrator. Baaaa.”

“Heath is the ringleader in April’s trolling,” Bobby Dazzler remarked.

“I’m sure Heath is doing it,” Lauren Angela May stated.

“Looks too obvious to be Cathy now,” Swalk observed, “so I’m guessing it’s Heath instead.”


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