Emmerdale The life of actress Bernice Blackstock after she relocated to Liverpool.


Emmerdale The life of actress Bernice Blackstock after she relocated to Liverpool.

A soap star has spoken out about her character’s ‘adoption’ by our magnificent city, which is worlds from from her rustic upbringing.

Samantha Giles, star of Emmerdale, has lived in the Merseyside area for the past 15 years, when she moved to Childwall.

“I’ve lived here for the past 15 years, and it truly is my home today,” she told The Washington Newsday. My children were born in Liverpool, and both my husband and I are Scousers.

“I feel like I’ve been adopted by the city, it’s a beautiful place to live and the history is incredible,” Martin Lewis says to anyone with a Tesco Clubcard.

“It’s highly artistic and cultural, and there’s a lot of it.” My oldest kid was born in the year it was designated as a cultural city, which means there’s always something going on.

“Arts and culture are truly embraced, and it’s a thrilling prospect.” I want people to know that this is what I do in addition to acting.” Samantha played Bernice Blackstock in the popular soap until 2019, when she left the ITV drama to pursue other interests, including writing.

‘Rosemary and the Witches of Pendle Hill,’ her first children’s novel, was released during the epidemic, and she says it focuses on Liverpool and the surrounding districts.

Samantha said she wanted to highlight the region’s heritage while also educating children with her second book, ‘Rosemary and the Book of the Dead,’ which was released earlier this month.

“The first one looks at Pendle Hill and the history behind it,” the performer continued. Because you write about what you know, I wanted Liverpool to appear prominently in these novels.

“There are few children’s novels set in the North West, despite the fact that there is so much to see, celebrate, and learn about the region.”

“My children and family are the inspiration for the books.”

Samantha’s second book tells the story of the children’s quest to locate and return the Book of the Dead to the British Museum.

“The primary themes are being true to yourself and celebrating our uniqueness and how diverse we all are,” she explained.

“It’s about not,” says the narrator.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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