Elton John has warned that post-Brexit touring constraints will result in a “looming catastrophe.”


Elton John has warned that post-Brexit touring constraints will result in a “looming catastrophe.”

Musicians are facing a “looming catastrophe” as a result of post-Brexit travel limitations on performing within the European Union, according to Sir Elton John.

At the start of the year, new travel restrictions went into effect that do not ensure visa-free travel for musicians in the EU.

Sir Elton stated that he met with Brexit minister Lord Frost, his partner David Furnish, and Craig Stanley, a Marshall Arts touring agent, last month to discuss the matter.

Mr Stanley read out his comments during a hearing of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on EU visa arrangements for workers in the creative industries.

“To put it bluntly, we are currently in great danger of losing a generation of talent owing to the huge faults in the Government’s trade deal,” Sir Elton added in his statement.

“Due to the expensive price of visas, carnets, and permits, new and young artists will be unable to freely tour Europe, which is a crucial part of their education and growth.

“However, despite this impending disaster, the government appears unable or unwilling to remedy this glaring hole in their trade deal, preferring to blame the EU rather than finding a way out.”

“It’s not about the impact on myself and performers that tour arenas and stadiums,” he added.

“We are fortunate to have the support people, financial resources, and infrastructure to cut through the red tape produced by Lord Frost’s no-deal,” he said.

“The most serious scenario concerns the harm done to the future generation of musicians and aspiring artists, whose careers will be jeopardized before they ever begin as a result of this vexing blame game.

“If I had experienced the financial and logistical challenges that new musicians face now when I first started out, I would never have had the opportunity to lay the groundwork for my career, and I doubt I would be where I am today.”

Lord Frost’s absence was criticized by chair Julian Knight at the start of the committee hearing on Thursday.

Mr Knight expressed his “dismay” at the measure, saying it “raised.” (This is a brief piece.)


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