Elementary school staff strike aborted as the plan to cut wages by £3,885 was cancelled


Woodchurch Road Primary School’s 21 teaching assistants (TA’s) and play assistants at Oxton’s Woodchurch Road Primary School voted in favor of a one-day work stoppage, as they wanted to cut their hours and salaries by up to 20%.

About 20 staff at a school in Wirral cancelled the strike, which was planned for tomorrow.

The strike of the staff of Woodchurch Road Primary School in Oxton was to continue tomorrow.

The school is currently suffering from money problems and has a budget deficit.

However, Wirral Unison, which represents the workers, said the strike has now been suspended after the Wirral Council lifted the pay cut for six game workers and postponed any decision on the payment of 15 travel agents until July next year.

As a result of the proposal, some would have lost up to £3,885 in wages and salaries per year.

Last week, the Wirral Council commented on how the deficit had built up.

“This includes a significant drop in the number of students at the school, which means less funding from the Department of Education, and a delay in reporting the financial situation to the principal and governors.

A spokesman said: “There are a number of issues that have contributed to the financial situation of Woodchurch Road Primary.

“The delay was not the cause of the deficit, but it meant that corrective action could not be taken earlier.

Ms Founds added that her union wanted to help the school turn the corner for the benefit of teachers, students and the local community.

Lois Founds, Deputy Branch Secretary of Wirral Unison, said the local authority had not only dropped the proposals for salary cuts but had also made a clear commitment to work with the union to resolve the problems at Woodchurch Road Primary and mitigate the need for future cuts.

The Wirral Council was asked to comment, but has not responded by the time of publication.


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