Elderly man, 81, knocked to the ground by a stranger as he was walking down the street.


The family is said to be “inconsolable” after their 81-year-old father was attacked last Thursday, October 22.

An elderly man, described by his family as “valuable”, was repeatedly hit on the head by a young thug in a despicable and “unprovoked attack”.

The thug left the pensioner on the ground and ran away after the unprovoked and heartless attack.

It is reported that the pensioner was approached by the stranger and “repeatedly beaten”, causing him to fall to the ground and injure his head and knees.

According to the police, the attack took place around 1.30pm on Bridge Foot near Knutsford Road in Warrington.

They also said that he injured his knee when he “fell to the ground”.

The assailant, who was described as a man about six feet tall – he was in his mid-twenties and wearing a green mask – then fled the scene.

The victim’s daughter posted on Facebook that her older father was attacked for unknown reasons and “suffered injuries to his head and ears from repeated blows.

She added: “As a family we are completely heartbroken and also angry that someone attacked him.

The man’s daughter continued that two passers-by stopped to help her father and thanked them “for taking care of him.

“He is very precious to us, and fortunately he will recover from the physical injuries he has suffered.

A Cheshire Police spokesman said: “On Saturday 24 October at 9.30pm the police received a report of a robbery involving an 81 year old man.

“It is suspected that a man approached the victim and attacked him in an unprovoked attack. He then left the scene of the crime.

“The assault took place on Thursday, October 22, between 1:30 and 1:45 pm at Bridge Foot near Knutsford Road.

“He is said to have been about six feet tall and in his mid-twenties and to have worn a green mask.

“The victim suffered injuries to his knee and ear.”


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