During Christmas dinner, a fugitive was apprehended attempting to bring ‘hitman gun kits’ into the UK.


During Christmas dinner, a fugitive was apprehended attempting to bring ‘hitman gun kits’ into the UK.

When undercover Dutch police raided his Christmas dinner, they discovered a fugitive gun supplier attempting to sneak “assassin kits” into the UK.

Specialist officers swooped in front of startled loved ones and holiday guests as Daniel Burdett sat at a posh restaurant.

After authorities linked him and his brother to an international importation conspiracy involving self-loading pistols driven to England from the Netherlands, he was arrested today with his brother.

In a city park, a loaded double-barreled shotgun was discovered.

Because some of the firearms were individually wrapped with ammo and others were packaged with silencers, a judge concluded, “This plainly suggests these weapons were intended to risk life or cause serious injury by someone.”

A National Crime Agency investigation into the Burdett brothers, both of Railside Court in Vauxhall, was initiated when two shipments of weapons were confiscated at British ports.

The first, in April 2018, saw six guns – a mix of pistols, Glock handguns, and a revolver – recovered with ammo and silencers in a Peugeot car driven into Dover on the back of a low loader, according to prosecutor Keith Sutton.

When a trailer was checked after being driven in an HGV to Killingholme Docks in Humberside the following September, ten individually wrapped Heckler and Kock pistols were discovered.

Each gun haul’s planned final destination is unknown, but the firearms were assessed fit for use on UK streets.

The packages were forensically examined, and both brothers were linked to the North East haul and Daniel to the Dover freight.

Daniel was already on the run at the time the link was made, having been arrested in Liverpool in 2014 in connection with a cocaine and ketamine scheme.

The 30-year-old had fled the Netherlands and had been on the run for five years when he was apprehended on Christmas Day, 2020, by a joint NCA and Dutch police operation.

When plain-clothed officers moved in on him, he was seated with his family at a table in a premium restaurant in The Hague. He was extradited 13 weeks later and convicted of the gun crimes after admitting to the drug offenses.

After then, Richard, the older brother, was detained in the Netherlands. “The summary has come to an end.”


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