During an accident on the Strand, a man was launched into the air.


During an accident on the Strand, a man was launched into the air.

After colliding with a car on the Strand, a cyclist was launched into the air.

The Washington Newsday obtained video of the horrific incident, which shows the man bicycling into the Strand from James Street and directly into a moving automobile.

The frightening moment the cyclist was hit as he rode into the path of oncoming traffic after weaving over one portion of the busy road with another rider is captured on video by a nearby vehicle.

‘South Sefton gang member’ was the gunman who fired shots into the automobile.

The bicycles speed over the northbound portion of the Strand after reaching the central reservation.

A passing vehicle then crashed with the rider, sending him and his bike soaring into the air, while those in the vehicle filming the footage screamed in fear.

“Oh my God, he’s just knocked the man straight off his bike there,” one passenger can be heard yelling in the video.

The second rider can then be seen sprinting over to his knocked-down pal.

The two walk away from the area shortly after.

The horrible collision occurred at around 8.52 p.m. on October 8 along the Strand in Liverpool city centre, according to the man who filmed it.

“I was on Strand Road, turning right onto James Street,” he explained.

“I didn’t see what happened at the time; all I saw was the lad in the air, then he fell down and stood up right away.”

“We couldn’t believe he made it through that collision.”

“On the main road, the car’s driver had a green signal. The car’s driver was terrified and frightened.” Merseyside Police have been approached for comment, and it is believed that an emergency response team was there.

“I got there later [and]cops were there as well,” the man stated.

He claims he’s sharing the video to “warn others to be more cautious riding their bikes.”


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