During a press conference on Downing Street, Chris Whitty slams Nicki Minaj.


During a press conference on Downing Street, Chris Whitty slams Nicki Minaj.

Rapper Nicki Minaj “should be ashamed,” according to Chris Whitty, after she tweeted a “ridiculous fiction.”

On Tuesday (September 14), the Chief Medical Officer was asked about a series of tweets by well-known artist Nicki Minaj at a Downing Street Press briefing.

Nicki Minaj claimed in a tweet that a family member had “turned impotent” after receiving a vaccine, and that her cousin was now refusing to be immunized.

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“His testicles swelled,” the rapper and singer said. His friend was set to marry in a few weeks, but the girl decided to call off the wedding. So just pray about it and make sure you’re not being intimidated by your decision.”

“There are a variety of falsehoods that go around…. some of which are simply clearly ludicrous and some of which are clearly aimed purely to scare,” Professor Chris Whitty said when asked about the tweets during the Downing Street news conference.

“It just so happens to be one of them,” says the narrator. That is not the case.”

Repeating myths in public, he claims, “simply gives them credence that they don’t need.”

Nicki Minaj’s message does not violate Twitter’s guidelines, according to the company, because it is a “personal anecdote” rather than a “claim of fact.”

The rapper also stated that she would not be forced to acquire the vaccine in time for the Met Gala, which was held on Monday evening and purportedly required guests to be vaccinated.

She later clarified that this was not the reason she did not attend, stating that she did not want to travel due to her son’s impending one-year-old birthday.

She stated in one post that she expects to be vaccinated at some point and that she would encourage it to anyone who requires it for employment.


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