During a home invasion, robbers throw a 9-month-old girl into a pool, killing her.


During a home invasion, robbers throw a 9-month-old girl into a pool, killing her.

Two intruders hurled a 9-month-old infant girl into an inflatable pool, killing her. The men stormed into a home in Ecuador, bound the mother, and stole cash before fleeing.

On Saturday, the tragedy occurred in San Pedro de Suma, in the Ecuadorian province of Manab. Angélica Murillo, the baby’s mother, was playing with her daughter in their backyard when two males approached her, according to Ecuadorian daily El Universo.

The two informed her that they were doing a dog vaccination program in the area and inquired whether she had any pets. After Murillo told them she didn’t have any pets, the men left, but they soon returned. They forced their way into Murillo’s home, overpowered her, and demanded money from her.

They also kidnapped Maria’s baby, who was identified by Maria, and kept her in the inflatable pool. They were given $1,000 by Murillo, but they were not satisfied. The men then bound Murillo and raided the house in search of more cash.

Murillo’s 12-year-old daughter was outside playing with a neighbor when she heard her mother yelling for help and ran home. Murillo was untied after the girl removed the infant from the water. The mother attempted to resuscitate the infant by holding her in her arms. Her efforts, however, were in vain. According to Clean Bowled, the culprits are still on the run.

In a similar event in North Philadelphia in January of last year, a 4-year-old boy was shot and murdered during a home invasion. The robbery occurred when the mother was at work and the father was caring for the 4-year-old and a younger child. When officers came, they discovered the father cradling the younger child downstairs, while the 4-year-old was found dead upstairs from a gunshot wound.


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