During a fight over mum’s slippers, brother stabbed sister in the neck.


During a fight over mum’s slippers, brother stabbed sister in the neck.

After she requested for money for slippers for their elderly mother, a brother stabbed his sister in the neck.

Marion Bigelow, 84, suffers from dementia, and Peter Bigelow, 54, was her full-time caregiver.

On June 12th, Janet Griffin paid a visit to her parents’ house in Gautby Road, Bidston, to present her mother with the slippers.

However, after her brother handed over the money, a fight erupted over their mother’s care and finances.

“The defendant lost his self-control as a result of the disagreement, and he attacked his sister in a frenzy, grabbed her around the neck and shoulder, and stabbed her in the back of the neck,” prosecutor Kenneth Grant said.

Bigelow, according to Liverpool Crown Court, inflicted three 1cm wounds that required stitches in the hospital.

The “heated debate,” according to Mr Grant, was about “the defendant’s continued duty as their mother’s full-time caregiver.”

He said that Bigelow providing his sister the money for the slippers had been agreed upon the day before with social services.

Ms Griffin claimed that once she received the money, she attempted to converse with him, but he reacted forcefully and urged her to leave.

The victim stated that she went into the kitchen to gather her items while her brother walked into the living room.

She recalled experiencing what she thought were blows after he held her, before their mother intervened and Bigelow let go.

“She felt dampness on the back of her neck and realized she had been stabbed,” Mr Grant said as Ms Griffin walked away.

After hearing sirens, the victim and Mrs. Bigelow were taken to safety by police.

Bigelow was arrested in the living room by officers armed with tasers, who said, “I know I’ve done wrong.” I’ve had a nervous breakdown.”

Bigelow had called 911 at 10:40 a.m., claiming that he had drawn a knife on his sister, “swiped her with it a couple times,” and “intended to kill her.”

He admitted attacking his sister and expressed regret when questioned.

He told police that their relationship used to be fine, and that he would regularly care after her children, but that it had “fallen down.”

“He indicated that his sister was continually on his case and gave him a hard time about,” Mr Grant said. The summary comes to a close.


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