During a brief heat wave, swarms of mosquitos ‘invade’ homes.


During a brief heat wave, swarms of mosquitos ‘invade’ homes.

Mosquitoes have “invaded” Formby, according to a number of disgruntled residents.

“I assume it comes with the nice weather,” one woman told the ECHO, “but I was utterly caught off guard.”

“It’s as though they’ve broken into my home.” Last week, my companion and I were eaten alive! I had to go out and get mosquito repellant. It’s probably the closest we’ll come to going abroad this year.”

The current hot and humid weather is ideal for disease-carrying insects to breed.

Last week, temperatures neared 30 degrees Celsius in parts of the country, as sunseekers took advantage of the mini-heatwave after a rainy May.

With the hot weather expected to continue, mosquitoes may take advantage of the use of paddling pools and other water-based outdoor activities.

Others who commented on the hyperlocal site Formby Bubble said they’ve been afflicted by the “blighters.”

“I use electronic pest controls, and thus far they appear to be working,” Pam Blain remarked.

“I’ve always had them,” Brian Foote wrote.

Last week, one woman claimed she was “badly bitten” by the “evil little blighters.”

On its website, the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) offers mosquito-removal tips.

Guttering, water butts, and bird baths should all be cleaned out on a regular basis.

Adult mosquitoes are prevented from entering through open windows by fly screens, while individual mosquitoes are killed with aerosol fly sprays.

If the situation persists, you should contact a professional pest control provider, according to the BPCA.


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