Due to the sale of alcohol to minors, a corner store was forced to close.


Due to the sale of alcohol to minors, a corner store was forced to close.

After selling alcohol to young children, a corner shop in Warrington will be closed for the next three months.

After worried parents suspected employees at the Best One corner shop on Louchers Lane of providing alcohol to their children, Cheshire police launched an investigation.

At the shop, police got reports of anti-social behavior and disruption.

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Officers issued a 48-hour closure notice to the store on Monday, June 14, before Warrington Magistrates Court awarded a full closure on Wednesday, June 16.

“Best One had been of considerable concern to members of the public, in particular a number of parents who feared personnel at the business were selling alcohol to their children,” said Sergeant Mark Spaven of Warrington Local Policing Unit.

“They did the right thing by informing both the police and the partner agencies, who then collaborated.

“In order to prevent this from happening and to protect young children and the surrounding community, we made repeated attempts to engage and provide help to the store’s owners.”

“However, despite our best efforts, staff continued to serve underage adolescents, anti-social behavior and disruption persisted, and we had no choice but to file a closure request for the shop.”

Officers in Warrington closed a residence on Leicester Street after receiving reports of anti-social behavior both inside and outside the building.

On Wednesday, June 16, Warrington Magistrates Court approved the order.

“The occupant’s behavior had been causing the local community anxiety and distress for a continuous period of time and showed no signs of abating,” Sergeant Spaven said.

“No one should be subjected to such.

“We want every resident to be able to live in their house without having to deal with the consequences of intolerable concerns from nearby residences, and we will take action as needed.”

Over the following three months, officers will visit the convenience store and property on a regular basis to verify that the orders are not broken.

Please contact Cheshire Constabulary if you have any concerns about an incident in your neighborhood. The summary comes to a close.


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