Due to his Irish ancestors, Biden’s intense interest in trade borders is expected.


Due to his Irish ancestors, Biden’s intense interest in trade borders is expected.

Given the US President’s profound affinity for his ancestral country, Joe Biden’s interest in Brexit’s Irish Sea trade border should come as no surprise.

Mr. Biden once said that when he dies, north-east Pennsylvania will be engraved on his heart, but “Ireland will be written on my soul,” paraphrasing one of his favorite Irish writers, James Joyce.

His Irish Catholic ancestry is not only a source of great pride for him, but it also serves as a backdrop for much of his political history.

In Washington, DC, it appears that the amount of times Joyce and other Irish literary greats, such as Seamus Heaney and William Butler Yeats, appear in his speeches is something of a running joke.

Mr. Biden also enjoys citing Irish proverbs and sayings that have been passed down through his family for generations.

When a BBC reporter tried to get a quick word with the Democratic candidate during the election campaign last year, he retorted, “The BBC?” “I’m an Irishman.”

Unionists in Northern Ireland would regard him as being too sympathetic to the nationalist viewpoint.

During the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day events in Washington, he reinforced this notion with a joke he made outside his vice presidential mansion.

“Anyone wearing orange is not welcome in here,” he informed the packed media pack as he greeted then-taoiseach Enda Kenny at the front entrance.

He quickly added, “Only joking,” but it was a one-liner that did not sit well with the unionist community on the other side of the Atlantic.

They see his Brexit interventions in the same light, accusing him of being too inclined to embrace the EU and Irish government’s narrative that the NI Protocol is necessary to maintain security and peace on the island.

Unionists and loyalists think that the protocol itself, as well as the walls it has erected between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, is to blame for the unrest.

Mr. Biden’s ancestors came from the west and east shores of Ireland, notably Ballina in Mayo and the Cooley. (This is a brief piece.)


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