Due to “hazardous” parking, the bin lorry can’t even get down the “nightmare” route.


Due to “hazardous” parking, the bin lorry can’t even get down the “nightmare” route.

Huge parking issues in one region of Wirral have enraged homeowners, who claim their route is constantly being blocked.

Several residents who live on or near Heathfield Road in Bebington have expressed worry on social media in recent months.

One user said on the Bebington Community Page on Facebook, “We live on the crescent and it’s absolutely a nightmare.”

“I have numerous images on my phone that I’m going to take to the council since it’s so unsafe when people park on the sidewalks.

“At that time, we can never locate a parking spot, and they believe they have priority parking in residents’ spaces.”

Parents and sixth-form students appeared to be contributing to the problem by parking their cars on the small road to and from school.

“I drive past every morning and the amount of parents stopping abruptly, pulling up at double and single yellow lines, over driveways, and even just in the street to let their kids out is insane,” claimed another irate homeowner. Such a risk, yet no one seems to notice!”

“We are a wheelchair-using couple, and there have been several situations over the last few months where we would have struggled to get out of the house if it had been ‘normal times,’ because of people parking across dropped kerbs, etc.,” one commented.

“I’m not claiming exclusivity or anything, but it’d be wonderful to be able to leave the house without having to worry about colliding with a car.”

Councillors in Bebington are also aware of the problem.

“[The parking issue] is largely [on]Heathfield Road, it’s a narrow road and more and more [sixth form]students are using it because it’s the next closest area [to their school]without parking restrictions,” said Cllr Jason Walsh, who represents the ward for the Green Party.

“A number of persons living on the road are old, and as a result, their caretakers and other services are unable to get to where they need to go.

“Last week or the week before a bin,” says the narrator. The summary comes to a close.


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