Drivers who park on the street are being warned about “strange behavior” in the neighborhood.


Drivers parking on street warned over ‘suspicious behaviour’ in area. Merseyside Police said enquiries into the “suspicious behaviour” are ongoing.

Following reports of “strange behavior” in the vicinity, people parking on a residential street are being warned.

In the early hours of Monday, July 19, police got reports of a number of men in the Brookland Lane area of St Helens, two on a scooter and others on foot.

The guys were believed to be peering into parked vehicles in the vicinity, according to a Merseyside Police spokesperson in a statement released today.

When they get home and open their door, the couple is devastated.

“We are investigating following suspicious behavior in St Helens in the early hours of Monday morning, 19 July,” Merseyside Police stated in a statement.

“At around 12.40am, reports were received of males, two on a scooter and others on foot, in the area of Brookland Lane. It is believed that they were looking into parked vehicles.

“They were disturbed and made off. Enquiries are ongoing.”


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