Donald Trump makes his wax figure debut in the United Arab Emirates, holding his smartphone.


Donald Trump makes his wax figure debut in the United Arab Emirates, holding his smartphone.

According to the Associated Press, a new wax figure museum in the United Arab Emirates displayed 60 sculptures of celebrities and leaders on Wednesday, including former President Donald Trump.

The wax figure of Trump, 75, is dressed in a coat and tie, sat at a desk, and checking his smartphone. According to the Associated Press, the presidential seal can be seen on the wall above the monument, and former first lady Melania Trump stands next to him in a blue dress, which was her go-to style throughout her husband’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Marwa al-Haddad, a 27-year-old who took a photo with Trump’s figure while attending the museum’s ceremonial opening, remarked, “He appears really real, but he’s not quite orange enough.”

According to the Associated Press, the former president’s figure is making his debut in the UAE, which is home to the region’s sole Trump-branded golf club and numerous monarchs with whom he formed friendly ties during his presidency.

The new museum in Dubai is the latest addition to a global network of tourist-friendly Madame Tussauds galleries, where visitors can see lifelike wax renditions of a wide range of celebrities and public figures.

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The opulent waxworks temple, which is located on a small artificial island off the coast of Dubai, showcased a variety of figures, including a seductive Kylie Jenner and a beaming Chinese President Xi Jinping, as well as a number of Bollywood dance stars in various dancing stances.

The wax figurines at Madame Tussauds in Dubai were constructed by a team of 20 artisans in a London studio over the course of six months, when wax was poured into metal frames and then moulded with clay. Using needles, each strand of actual human hair was implanted one at a time.

Trump was regarded as a close friend in the city of Abu Dhabi throughout his presidency. Gulf Arab sheikhdoms praised Trump’s regional policies, notably his tougher stance on Iran after the US walked out of the historic 2015 nuclear deal with international powers. The opulent Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, created by DAMAC Properties, sprawls out from the heart of a posh collection of upscale apartments and villas.

The Madame Tussauds team did a thorough population poll to determine who potential tourists would most desire to see in order to construct the collection. There. This is a condensed version of the information.


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