Dominic Cummings’ saga shows complete contempt for the suffering British public.


These were the alleged words of a mysterious, anonymous friend of the Prime Minister’s top advisor last night, after he was accused of violating the lockdown rules.

“He is not remotely concerned about this story, it’s more like fake news.”

The arrogance of the chief advisor and the apparent lack of punishment threaten to undermine the nation’s efforts, Liam Thorp writes

The country was sealed off, people were not able to see their families for weeks – some were unable to attend their loved ones’ funerals because of the strict guidelines we all believed we should follow for the common good.

As “The Mirror and the Guardian” revealed, Dominic Cummings was investigated by police after he apparently violated his own government’s lockdown laws in March when he traveled 260 miles to stay with his family.

Instead, we are now getting anonymous source quotes about how little Cummings cares and that his boss is doing nothing about it.

Cummings actually had the virus, but still felt it was okay to travel an enormous distance across the country and then live in a different household.

There would have been a time when an incident like this – which caused outrage across the country – could only have led to an immediate resignation and a full address by the prime minister to explain the situation.

Nor does it adequately explain how what Mr. Cummings did was not a disregard for the government’s own leadership.

This morning Downing Street made a bizarre statement that bears very little resemblance to the source quotes that appeared last night.

But the last sentence tells you everything you need to know:

The government is simply treating the public with contempt.

“Mr. Cummings believes he acted rationally and legally.”

What about the people who did everything to follow the rules, to follow the guidelines, to make the sacrifices?

And as for those who desperately say that this is just a story that interests journalists or people on Twitter, I think it goes much deeper.

Will they think: “Fuck it, I know it’s going to be busy, but I’m going to the beach today, why wouldn’t I? – They could definitely do that.

What happens when they see the Prime Minister’s chief advisor bending these rules and his boss, who told us we were all in the same boat, seemingly unimpressed by his actions?


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