Dolly-Rose Campbell of Coronation Street has been recognized for demonstrating an excellent new skill.


Dolly-Rose Campbell of Coronation Street has been recognized for demonstrating an excellent new skill.

Following stunning scenes on ITV’s Coronation Street, Dolly-Rose Campbell has been hailed.

Dolly-Rose has played Gemma Winter on the serial since 2014, and she and her boyfriend, Chesney Brown, had quadruplets.

The couple has struggled with their son Aled, who was diagnosed with profound deafness early last year, according to the Manchester Evening News.

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Recently, viewers have watched Gemma and Chesney debating whether or not to have an implant procedure.

Meanwhile, the mother of four has expressed an interest in learning sign language, although Chesney, who is also the father of son Joseph, has struggled to learn BSL.

Corrie viewers saw a confident Gemma converse with Freda Burgess and a BSL teacher named Charlie in scenes that aired last week.

The serial has cast deaf actress Vilma Jackson in the character of Charlie, with the goal of educating Gemma and Chesney about their son’s deafness.

When Freda introduces the pair to Charlie, Chesney explains that he struggles with sign language and hopes that Aled’s procedure would help.

Gemma, on the other hand, was able to demonstrate her new signing talents to the delight of the audience.

Many people praised Dolly-Rose for learning BSL and the serial for presenting the storyline on social media.

“#Corrie,” one person wrote. Congratulations to @dollycampbell_ for learning sign language.”

“I just want to say well done to #Corrie for the sign language scene,” remarked another. Absolutely fantastic. It’s wonderful to witness a soap opera that is so diverse. I’d love to learn all of Freda and Gemma’s sign language, as well as the new lady’s.”

“Huge props to Dolly-Rose Campbell for learning British Sign Language for her role in @ITVCorrie,” a third person said. She’s such a method actress.”

“I’m loving Gemma’s signing tonight, Dolly Rose Campbell you were wonderful tonight #corrie,” a fourth added.

“It’s amazing to see sign language on #Corrie,” a fifth said. The actor portraying Gemma does an outstanding job!! #Corrie #CoronationStreet @itvcorrie.”


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