Did Joe Biden Read Teleprompter Instruction During His Speech By Accident?


Did Joe Biden Read Teleprompter Instruction During His Speech By Accident?

Conservative media sources and social media users mocked and compared President Joe Biden’s Tuesday speech to Will Ferrell’s character in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which drew millions of online interactions.

The Complaint

Several observers uploaded a seven-second video of Biden’s economic speech, in which he appears to say “end of quote.” Social media users and a number of news outlets parodied the statement, with one headline stating, “New fears for Biden’s mental acuity after he says ‘end of quotation’ while reading from a teleprompter while presenting his economics address.” Others dubbed Biden’s speech a “Ron Burgundy moment,” accusing him of “reading verbatim instructions,” and even implying that the supposed gaffe is a sign of “cognitive deterioration.” Oh, please.

“This is the end of the quote.”


@BonginoReport — Bongino Report (@BonginoReport) 23 November 2021 Joe Biden is channeling his inner Ron Burgandy and reading “end of quote” off his teleprompter. He’s only getting worse: pic.twitter.com/8fb3ZyAoBm November 23, 2021 — Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) Some of the comments seemed to link the video to the “Dementia Joe” storylines popularized by conservative commentators.

The Details

The widely circulated video appears to have been pulled out of context on purpose. The whole video of the speech, titled “Remarks on the Economy and Lowering Prices for the American People,” is accessible on the White House’s YouTube site and runs slightly over an hour.

The president mentions his meeting with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon in his speech, and then quotes him.

“‘By the way, you may have heard Walmart’s CEO speak about the initiatives we’ve done yesterday.’ ‘The combination of private sector and government working together has been tremendously successful,’ he added, and I quote.” The president went on to declare, “‘There’s…a lot of innovation all the way down the supply chain,’ he continued. Things have started to change as a result of our actions. the end of the quote” “Quote”/”end of quote” (or “end quote”) is not a teleprompter “stage direction,” but rather a typical spoken method for demarcating a direct speech citation. Failure to close an open quotation is often frowned upon. This is a condensed version of the information.


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