Despite no outbreaks, Hong Kong adds COVID restrictions to be “more in line” with China.


Despite no outbreaks, Hong Kong adds COVID restrictions to be “more in line” with China.

Although there have been no big COVID-19 outbreaks in Hong Kong in recent months, the city-state intends to consolidate regulations in order to better comply with China’s policies.

Due to its constrained international travel, Hong Kong has not experienced a significant outbreak or virtually no local illnesses since the beginning of the year.

The implementation of contact tracing is one of the newer constraints. To track the influx of visitors, the government will demand the use of the LeaveHomesafe app on government premises. Only emergency workers and others working in critical industries will be excluded from quarantine. Airline crews, banking and insurance executives, public company directors, and cargo or passenger ship crews are currently excluded from quarantine.

To boost the possibilities of quarantine-free travel, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam said increasing rules to be “more in line with mainland procedures” is important.

Visitors from high-risk nations, such as the United States, must currently complete a 21-day quarantine. Those traveling from Hong Kong to the mainland must also undergo a 14-day quarantine in government-approved hotels, followed by a seven-day home quarantine.

Quarantine is not required for residents and non-residents traveling from the mainland to Hong Kong. They must instead provide a negative coronavirus test before arriving.

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In comparison to restoring foreign travel, authorities maintain that resuming quarantine-free travel with the mainland is the first priority.

“The chances of resuming travel with the mainland will be reduced if Hong Kong loosens border controls for people arriving from overseas or adopts what other countries have done… to live with the COVID-19 virus,” she said at a weekly news conference where she was wearing a brace after recently breaking her arm.

She dismissed fears that Hong Kong’s limits will make it less appealing as a global corporate center. “Hong Kong’s primary benefit is that it is the gateway to China’s mainland,” she explained.

The mainland government has taken a zero-tolerance approach to the epidemic, enforcing lockdowns, quarantines, and mandatory testing to fast eradicate COVID-19 occurrences.


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