Despite a drop in traffic, road mortality increased by 40% last year.


Despite a drop in traffic, road mortality increased by 40% last year.

According to new figures, the number of cyclists killed on Britain’s roads increased by 40% last year, despite a reduction in traffic.

According to preliminary Department of Transportation numbers, 140 cyclists were killed in incidents in 2020, compared to 100 in 2019.

The AA voiced alarm about the rise, which came despite a drop in vehicle traffic as a result of coronavirus restrictions.

“It is staggering that with car traffic down to as little as 22% of pre-lockdown levels and a large increase in protected pop-up routes, the amount of cyclist casualties was so high,” said Edmund King, president of the Automobile Association.

“This emphasizes the need for improved engineering, greater education, and more officers in cars to help reduce traffic fatalities.

“We’ll keep promoting our Think Bikes! campaign to encourage drivers to be more cautious around bikes.

“We all have a responsibility to one another to ensure that people can travel safely, regardless of how we utilize the roads.”

Cycling numbers in England surged during the UK’s first lockdown, according to separate Department for Transport estimates, with councils taking measures to promote active travel such as temporary bike lanes.

In 2020, 1,400 persons were murdered on Britain’s roads, a 16 percent decrease from the previous year.

If the AA’s goal of zero road deaths in the UK by 2030 is to be realized, Mr King believes this reduction must not become a “one-off.”


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