Desperate tenant who stayed in his apartment for five years “without cold water”.


Andrew Duff, who lives in Crawford Gardens in Huyton, claims that his landlord has repeatedly “swept the problem under the carpet,” denies a housing association, the LIVV Housing Group.

A desperate tenant claims that he has not had cold running water in his apartment for five years.

Andrew Duff said the problems started as soon as he moved in.

However, after the problem could not be solved despite numerous complaints, he stopped payments and has now accumulated over £1,500 in debt.

Mr. Duff told ECHO that he was paying £100 per month for building services that he had paid for the first two years of his lease.

The 54-year-old said the problems started as soon as he moved in five years ago and he complained immediately.

Eventually it turned out that the problem was caused by the hot and cold pipes in the building’s plumbing being too close together.

And in February of this year, the housing association carried out work by installing a “chill blaster” to fix the persistent problem.

Mr. Duff said he wanted to give the repairs a chance to work, but at the beginning of the lockdown the company turned off the installed machine.

After another complaint, the cooling blaster was turned back on in June, but he said the problem with the hot water coming out of his cold faucet still existed.

“I was sitting on my couch reading the Echo, and he stood there testing it for ages, so I said, ‘You okay, buddy?

he said, “About a month ago I asked someone to test the temperature of my water.

He said, “No, dude, your water is polluted.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, the temperature of the water coming out of the cold tap should not exceed 20C.

Mr. Duff claims that he was told that he might have a risk of Legionnaires’ disease, but LIVV Housing confirmed that he is not at risk as long as there is a problem with the temperature of his water.

He said, “They are still not doing anything about it, they think it’s a joke.

“They deny me the basic human right to cold water. I also have kidney disease and I need water.

Mr. Duff claims that when his water was tested a month ago – every day for two weeks – the temperature was consistently above 20°C, and the highest measured temperature was 27.7°C.


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