Desperate beachgoers took turns performing CPR on guys dragged from the water.


Desperate beachgoers took turns performing CPR on guys dragged from the water.

At Crosby Beach, desperate beachgoers took turns performing CPR on a man and his friend who had been dragged from the ocean.

After the incident on July 20, Merseyside Police confirmed that one man had died and another was in a critical but stable condition.

Callum Brown was one of up to ten people who went over to assist others who had been dragged out of the water.

Screams and terror follow passers-desperate by’s attempts to help men in the water.

A woman on a paddleboard began dragging folks out of the water while the 20-year-old was in the water with his companions.

“Me and a few pals were just in the water and a woman on a paddleboard, who had carried them in from god knows where, requested us to help bring them onto shore,” Callum, from Runcorn, told The Washington Newsday.

“We rushed over and dragged them onto the beach, and hundreds of people gathered within five minutes.

“We rescued three persons, two of whom were unconscious and one of whom was conscious but in poor health.”

People were taking turns giving CPR to the two males, according to Callum, and after 15 minutes of compressions, one of them began to show signs of life.

“It was horrible and one of the worst, if not the worst, things I’ve ever seen,” he continued.

“It was difficult knowing that we were their last hope at the moment because the emergency services didn’t arrive for at least 30 minutes.”

He also stated that he was one of three or four people who took turns giving CPR on one of the men before emergency personnel arrived and “took over with the necessary equipment and experience.”

A large number of people gathered to help, according to the Bentley Motors employee, and he and his companion were just two of them.

Natalie Wright, who had just arrived at the beach with her mother, Rheanna, and two sisters, Lily, 14, and Paige, 12, was another swift responder.

After only being certified in CPR last month, the 18-year-old rushed over to the gathering.

“As we were putting our bags down, a.”Summary ends,” the support worker told The Washington Newsday.


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