Declan Macey’s renowned partner, career troubles, and comeback rumors in Emmerdale


Declan Macey’s renowned partner, career troubles, and comeback rumors in Emmerdale

Declan Macey from Emmerdale was the show’s most hated character.

During his period as a series regular from 2010 to 2014, the shrewd businessman, played by Jason Merrells, was routinely causing havoc on the long-running serial.

On the ITV show, the 52-year-old actor played the proprietor of Home Farm and had a tumultuous experience.

Charles Anderson of Emmerdale teases that the payback for’murdering Meena’ will be ‘wonderful.’

Declan’s presence was constantly felt on Emmerdale, whether it was as part of a domestic abuse plot or a heated romance with Charity Dingle, according to The Daily Star.

Declan was never officially killed off when he left the program in 2014, fleeing the community after his nephew died in an accident.

This has led some viewers to wonder if he will return to our screens this month, since eagle-eyed watchers have spotted a striking similarity between his disappearance tale and the Jamie Tate disappearance saga presently dominating the serial.

Fans who believe Declan and Jamie are working together swarmed Twitter with their suspicions, with one asking: “#Emmerdale will Jamie Tate and Declan Macey turn up together?”

“Are they aiming for the same [storyline]they did years ago when Declan did a disappearing act from the river and reappeared in the future?” wondered another.

“He can always come back to Emmerdale because they never found a body,” said a third.

Declan Macey has yet to make his much-anticipated comeback to the show, so we’ve taken a look at his life away from the screen as fans wait to see if he’ll return.

Struggles in the workplace

Jason contributed to the assumption when he took to social media after leaving the program to open out about his dissatisfaction with the acting industry.

While waiting to hear back on a casting gig, the star vented his frustrations on Twitter.

Jason acknowledged: “I’m staring at a phone that isn’t going to ring. I’m awaiting a job. It hasn’t gotten any easier after 25 years.

“I’ve done worse jobs, and I’ve done some, but I’m 50 and still playing.”

The summary comes to a close.


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