Days after being brought to the hospital with a red flag symptom, Dad loses his job.


Days after being brought to the hospital with a red flag symptom, Dad loses his job.

A man lost his job just days after receiving a life-altering diagnosis.

Adrian Day first realized anything was wrong when he became light-headed and lost sensation in his left arm and leg.

But it wasn’t until his wife saw a tiny droop in his face that she realized he’d had a stroke and immediately dialed 999.

“The ambulance was on the road in 10 minutes,” Adrian said. Throughout the stroke, I was alert and clear, and on our trip to the hospital, I provided the paramedics as much information as possible.” Adrian spent three days in Whiston hospital before being transferred to Warrington hospital after a CT scan revealed his stroke was caused by a bleed on the brain.

Adrian’s situation quickly deteriorated when, just a week after his stroke, he received the heartbreaking news that he had lost his job as an international development manager.

“On May 21, exactly one week after my stroke, and still paralyzed, my supervisor emailed me to tell me that I would be laid off on May 31,” Adrian explained.

“The globe was on the verge of a global epidemic, the United Kingdom was on lockdown, I’d had a stroke, was paralyzed, and had just lost my job – I couldn’t believe what was going on.”

Adrian has remained motivated in his recovery and getting his life back on track following his stroke in May 2020, despite everything he has gone through.

He began intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions, with the objective of being able to walk out of the hospital before his 61st birthday and escort his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day in 2023.

Adrian wants to show others that there is hope after a stroke now that he is back at home and starting his therapy.

“While I understand that I will never be the same person I was before the stroke, I am determined that it will not be the end of my story,” Adrian stated. I’d like to acquire a new job, and I’ve already had a few interviews. I’d also like to go back behind the wheel.

“I’ve never been depressed or wondered aloud, ‘Why me?'” I take myself seriously.” The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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