Day 4 of the Labour Conference 2021 is dominated by the minimum wage topic.


Day 4 of the Labour Conference 2021 is dominated by the minimum wage topic.

The Labour Party Conference in Brighton has been dominated by debate over whether or not to support a £15 minimum wage.

Andy McDonald, a member of the Shadow Cabinet, resigned Friday night over a dispute over the National Minimum Wage.

Sir Keir Starmer’s office had urged Mr McDonald to advocate against a £15 minimum wage, so he was departing.

In the midst of a national crisis, an HGV driver alleges the DVLA’s “wall of silence” cost him £17,000.

“(Dear Keir), yesterday, your office instructed me to go into a meeting to argue against a National Minimum Wage of £15 an hour and against Statutory Sick Pay at the living wage,” the former Shadow Employment Rights Secretary, who was also a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinets, said in a statement on Twitter. This is something I’d never be able to do.

“Our movement is more divided than ever after eighteen months of your leadership, and the vows you made to the membership are not being kept.

“This is simply the latest in a long line of similar incidents.”

The Unite union will hold a vote on a motion to raise the minimum wage, as well as a motion to make zero-hour contracts illegal.

Should Labour win power, current policy promises to a minimum wage of “at least” £10 per hour.

Here are two additional significant talking themes from today’s Labour Conference, in addition to the minimum wage discussion.

During his address today, Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds blasted the Conservatives, accusing them of “defunding the police.”

“Some argue for defunding the police,” Mr Thomas-Symonds stated during the conference. The police will never be defunded by a Labour home secretary. That’s not our party; that’s the Tory party, and they’ve been defunding our police for ten years.”

Mr Thomas-Symonds continued his attack on the Tories’ handling of crime by appropriating a second slogan, this time from the Blair days of Labour: “They are soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime.”

“The Tories will never be able to claim to be the party of law and order again. We have the embarrassment of rape convictions at all-time lows. Less than seven out of every ten in Tory Britain.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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