David Duckenfield admits that his failure was the direct cause of 96 deaths in Hillsborough and accepts that he “froze” that day.


Mr. Duckenfield, 70, was questioned by Paul Greaney QC, the representative of the ordinary police officers in the Police Association, when he appeared on the witness stand for a sixth day of the investigation.

Hillsborough game commander David Duckenfield admitted that his failure caused the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans.

Chief Superintendent retired as a witness on the stand during the sixth day’s investigation

Mr. Greaney asked Mr. Duckenfield if he was okay with this:

Mr. Greaney asked Mr. Duckenfield on several occasions if he was frozen in the police control box after he gave the order to open the exit gates – so that a large number of fans could enter the stadium and walk down the tunnel to the central pens where the fatal collision occurred.

Mr. Duckenfield told the court that he did not agree with this.

The lawyer said: “You bottled it, you panicked, and you failed to take the measures you knew needed to be taken to avoid the consequences you had foreseen.

When asked why, he said it was his opinion…


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