Daughter sues her mother’s doctor for millions, claiming she was not supposed to be born.


Daughter sues her mother’s doctor for millions, claiming she was not supposed to be born.

A woman in England has filed a lawsuit against her mother’s doctor, alleging that she was never supposed to be born. The doctor, according to the 20-year-old with spina bifida, failed to give her mother vital advise on vitamins to take during pregnancy, which could have prevented her from being born with the problem.

Dr. Philip Mitchell has been sued by Evie Toombes, 20, of Lincolnshire in the East Midlands of England, for failing to advise her mother Caroline Toombes to take folic acid throughout her pregnancy. According to Brink Wire, Evie has claimed that she was “born in a damaged state” as a result of faulty counsel, and that her birth should not have been allowed to take place.

Spina bifida is a form of neural birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord of a baby do not develop normally in the womb. Evie, a showjumper, needs to spend many days attached to tubes for up to 24 hours a day due to her ailment.

Caroline went to the doctor to discuss her plans to give birth to her first child in February 2001, according to the court. “Because she had lost her parents when she was young, this was a very precious decision to have a family,” Evie’s counsel told the court. “They had been deferring sexual activity until they obtained counsel at this meeting,” the lawyer noted.

The doctor mentioned folic acid during the session, but Caroline claims she was unaware of its importance in the prevention of spina bifida. Caroline said that if she had received competent medical advice, she would not have gone ahead with her pregnancy plans. She also claimed that she would have had a “regular, healthy” baby if she had waited.

Evie’s mobility has deteriorated to the point that she will require a wheelchair as she grows older, according to the court. According to Ladbible, Evie’s lawyer has requested millions in damages to offset the higher costs of living with a disability.

Meanwhile, Caroline’s lawyer told the court that Caroline was given “appropriate guidance” about taking folic acid pills and that Dr. Mitchell is not responsible for what happened.


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