Date on which old £20 notes expire confirmed and how long you have to use them.


The note shows the British artist JMW Turner and one of his most famous paintings, The Fighting Temeraire.

In February, a new polymeric £20 note came into circulation to replace the old paper issues.

How long will the £20 paper remain legal tender?

This has caused concern among some people who fear that their legal tender status will be withdrawn.

But as Coronavirus has encouraged more people to use cash for contactless card payments, you may have been left with some of the paper notes.

One line on his website reads: “Don’t worry, you can still use the paper 20-pound note for the time being”.

Fortunately, there is no need to rush to the next store, reports the Daily Star.

Because the Bank of England has declared that old 20-pound notes are still legal tender.

And there will be no hurry to go out and hand the bills over to a shopkeeper soon.

The bank said it will give six months’ notice before the bills are no longer accepted as cash.

Even then you can still exchange them for new £20.

At this point, this means that the issuers will have at least until April to use the cash.

The best way to guarantee an exchange is to go to the Bank of England itself.

Even if a banknote has been torn, smashed or otherwise vandalized, it will be exchanged for a new one as long as there is enough left to identify what it was, reports Mirror Online.


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