Dad’s astonishment at finding £10k in a mound of ‘rubbish’ for the tip.


Dad’s astonishment at finding £10k in a mound of ‘rubbish’ for the tip.

While emptying out his father’s house following his death, a guy was shocked to discover a very rare Beatles tape.

Derek Plant, Harry Plant’s son, discovered the original version of “Happiness is a Warm Gun” from the White Album in a Ken Dodd record sleeve he was preparing to put away.

Harry purchased the record in a box of old records at a car boot sale 40 years ago, unaware that the box also contained a 7ins acetate demo recording that differed dramatically from the final version used on the 1968 album.

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Derek was left with the albums after his father died in 2009, but he stored them in his garage.

He only noticed it in the nick of time when he tossed the box into his van to transport it to the dump.

The acetate disc for a Ken Dodd and the Diddymen LP slipped out of the sleeve and landed on his hard drive.

Derek, 50, then noticed the words “Happiness is a Warm Gun in Your Hand” and the term “Beatles” written in red lettering on the CD label.

When he put it on his record player, he realized it was an original recording.

The demo version of a tuba believed to have been played by Paul McCartney is significantly more audible than the final album version.

It also features John Lennon singing ‘I Need A Fix ‘Cause I’m Going Down’ twice instead of just once as on the commercial CD.

It had a unique title because the phrases “…In Your Hand” were not included in the album track.

Further investigation found that the acetate was one of two created at Abbey Road Studios at Paul McCartney’s request so that his new girlfriend Linda could hear the song.

Derek, a father of two from Fleetwood, Lancashire, has placed it up for auction and expects it to fetch over £10,000.

“I’ve been collecting vinyl for years and was cleaning out my garage when I decided to donate a stack of records,” he explained.

“I had a.” The summary concludes.


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