Dad, who had been ejected from the allotments, has returned and dumped asbestos.


Dad, who had been ejected from the allotments, has returned and dumped asbestos.

A father of two who had been evicted from an allotment in Wirral returned and deposited trash at the property, including harmful asbestos.

In the dead of night, Jonathon Rainer arrived at Bebington Allotments and began dumping rubble from the back of his Volkswagen van.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught red-handed by two police community support officers who had been alerted to “strange behavior.”

The 27-year-old had fly-tipped a considerable amount of stuff at the location in Bebington Road, Tranmere, including broken bricks, carpets, a metal bar, old curtains, clothing, and the remains of an old gas heater.

The objects dumped at around 9.15 p.m. on March 3 this year included a piece of asbestos on top of a carpet, according to Liverpool Crown Court.

Rainer told the community cops, “I’ve been really foolish,” according to prosecutor Robert Dudley.

Rainer was arrested at the scene, and his van was taken away, but eventually returned to him.

Rainer had previously had a tenancy at the allotments, but had been evicted because it was not run correctly, according to Mr Dudley.

“When interviewed, he indicated he was unaware he had tipped any asbestos, but accepted he may have done so inadvertently,” the prosecution said.

“He stated that he was aware that it was incorrect.”

The cost of removing the site was £1,400, according to the court, including £240 for asbestos removal professionals.

Mr. Dudley speculated that it was a “deliberate” crime committed with “flagrant disrespect for the law.”

Rainer, of Dickens Close, Prenton, previously of Parkhurst Road, Tranmere, accepted two fly-tipping offences.

He has never been convicted of anything before.

The defense attorney, Christopher McMaster, asked for credit for his client’s “quick” guilty plea and confessions.

He pleaded with the judge to release Rainer, stating that he was renovating his home and removing items.

“Normally, he would try to schedule an appointment to take the trash to the tip,” Mr McMaster said, “but no appointments were available, so he made what could only be regarded as an exceedingly reckless and unwise decision.”

“No, it wasn’t foolish,” Judge Stuart Driver, QC, replied. It was a dirty and wicked thing to do.”

Mr McMaster stated that his client acknowledged it was “criminal and terrible.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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