Dad was informed he could die when he thought he sat on a golf ball.


Dad was informed he could die when he thought he sat on a golf ball.

After a tragic diagnosis, a father who thought he had sat on a golf ball was instructed to “get his affairs in order.”

Andy Thory, 54, said he had no symptoms before rushing into Arrowe Park Hospital to begin colon cancer treatment.

After having his bowel removed to save his life, the father-of-three from Seacombe told The Washington Newsday that he now counts every day as a blessing.

Screams and terror follow passers-desperate by’s attempts to help men in the water.

“I had no symptoms until one day when I sat on the steps to tie my shoelace and assumed I had sat on a golf ball, so I stood up and there was nothing there,” he explained.

“After a few days of being sore, my 31-year-old wife, Sarah, advised me to see a doctor.

“I was in the hospital within days, commencing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and getting a colostomy bag.

“It was a complete shock, and it was extremely emotional.

“It got to the point where I was dependent only on radiotherapy since the chemotherapy had triggered a mild heart attack because to the way it affects your heart.

“I underwent a thorough operation in which they sliced me all the way around from my belly button to my back and removed my colon as well as the cancer.

“I was in excruciating pain for weeks afterward and had to stay in bed. My wife and children have been amazing, especially my youngest Leah, who would come home from school and tell me not to worry since she could make some toast herself.

“Without them, I wouldn’t have made it.”

Andy, a lorry driver and father of Siana, 29, Kyle, 23, and Leah, 10, was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and was told he was cancer-free just two weeks ago after the results of a scan and blood test came back clear.

Andy has been counting every day as a blessing since receiving his wonderful news, and while out riding his bike in New Brighton earlier this week, he took to smiling at everyone, only to be dissatisfied with the outcomes.

“Just been for a brief bike ride to New Brighton,” he said on the Wallasey Gossip Facebook page.

“Anyone who is acquainted with me.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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