Dad murdered his daughter and then concocted a series of lies to cover his tracks.


Dad murdered his daughter and then concocted a series of lies to cover his tracks.

A father who told his young daughter to “shut up” before beating her to death has been sentenced to life in prison.

Jordan Lee brutally assaulted his four-month-old daughter, leaving her with horrific and deadly injuries.

In order to hide his tracks, he then invented a series of lies about how Willow Lee sustained those injuries.

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Willow died three days after being discovered fighting for her life at her home in December and died at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Her death was determined to be the consequence of a traumatic head injury by a pathologist from the Department of Homeland Security.

It was consistent with her having been violently shook, and she had most certainly suffered a significant head injury.

Lee said his small girl had fallen from the sofa when he was first detained on charges of attempted murder.

When the extent of her injuries became clear, the 29-year-old began to tell lies, alleging that a second accident occurred while he was carrying her up the stairs after her fall.

Despite this, medical investigations revealed bruises on Willow’s ear, cheek, and arm, which the pathologist believes was caused by holding, pinching, or squeezing, punching, or slapping.

According to the expert, such injuries would have resulted in excruciating pain and suffering.

Lee had been heard yelling at Willow just before she was hurt, urging her to “shut up.”

Lee, formerly of Onslow Road in Blackpool, denied murder but was found guilty by jurors at Preston Crown Court yesterday.

He was sentenced to life in prison today, with a minimum sentence of 16 years.

“Willow Lee was a four-month-old infant who died at the hands of someone who should have protected her – her father, Jordan Lee,” said Detective Inspector Mark Dickinson of the Lancashire Police Force Major Investigation Team, following his sentencing.

“Lee assaulted his daughter in a heinous series of assaults, leaving her with terrible head injuries. She died three days later as a result of her injuries.

“Since then, Lee has refused to accept his responsibility, saying that Willow fell off the sofa on multiple occasions.

“As the medical data became available, he changed his story, stating that a second accident occurred when he was carrying Willow upstairs after the first fall.

“Thank goodness the.Summary is over.”


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